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Permanent Leasing

Here at Woodside Square, we are always looking for new retailers. Whether it is promoting your brand or looking for more exposure in the retail world, we have the perfect location for you! As a team, we will work with you to determine the best platform for you to reach your target audience and maximize sales. Woodside Square is the perfect retailing experience for those wishing to test a product at our location and benefit from high traffic and maximize exposure. 

For information on permanent leasing opportunities, please contact:

-  Laura Liu

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Temporary Leasing

Woodside Square provides short term leasing opportunities to a wide variety of temporary retailers. Choose from flexible terms such as one weekend, one week, or one month – whatever works for you and your business, we promise to assist you in any way that we can. Take advantage of this unique opportunity with low costs, minimal risk and short launch time frames. 


We also extend our temporary leasing available to non-profit organizations. There is no charge to organizations that meet the Shopping Centre criteria.

For information on temporary leasing opportunities, please contact:

-  Laura Liu

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