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Franchise Expo 2021
FRanChise EXpo (1).png

Woodside’s first-ever Franchise Expo ,on September 25th, 2021 at Casa Deluz Banquet Hall, had an amazing and successful turn out as expected. We had the pleasure of hosting this event with CIBC ’s team of experts, who had a big part in helping us organize all the vendors being our co-hosts. The event’s welcome speech was done by Woodside’s general manager and followed by other significant group members of the Woodside Management group.


There were 4 lucky draws throughout the occurrence of the event and many gifts were presented to our vendors and supporters as our expression of appreciation. There was also a time frame dedicated to financial help information and tips presented by CIBC financial advisors. Franchise owners and our vendors also had the chance to meet one another and learn about the upcoming opportunities at Woodside Square.


The event was a great chance for us to meet and create personal connections with our prospective vendors for Woodside’s Cinema Expansion project, Needless to say, that it was our pleasure to co-host an event focused and in the hopes of helping vendors, considering the event’s turnout, Woodside’s management looks forward to next year’s possible collaborations and meetings. 



Thank you to all our attendees and vendors for joining us, hope to see you in our future events!



Below are some images that highlight the event’s presentations and attendees:

IMG_9264 (1).jpeg

Prizes for Lucky Draw being presented:

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