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Asialicious Carnival 2021 
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This weekend, in collaboration with the City of Toronto’s Councilor, Ms. Cynthia Lai, and the Federation of Asians Canadians Toronto (FACT), Woodside Square held a three-day outdoor Asialicious Carnival. The carnival included a wide variety of food vendors, live performances, a starry movie night, and lastly a night of excitement with fireworks.


The first day of the event which was on Friday September 10th, the Disney movie Mulan was chosen to play and the event opening ceremony occured. On Saturday September 11th, other than the many different entertainment and performances that were offered, the night was brightened and starry by some fireworks displays and music.


It was our great pleasure to be hosting the Asialicious Carnival once again at Woodside Square, especially because of the Festival’s multicultural food options and performances. The foods and performances ranged from Hindi to Korean and Chinese! We can not wait to host this event even bigger and better next year!

See below for some pictures of the event and dance performances: 


Dance Performance:

Fireworks on Friday night:

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