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2022 Love and Peace Lantern Festival
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We are coming to Toronto this year with the aim of bringing the traditional culture of handicraft humanity to the West. Throughout the years, we have held the Zigong handicraft lantern festival around the world.

“Love and Peace”Lantern Festival
A large-scale international outdoor light show composed of four main thematic elements.
Our mission is to guide you through extraordinary scenes from ancient times to the present. Meanwhile, you can explore the wonders of thousands of universes and experience the world with unsolved secrets.
Express love and peace from the bottom of your heart!

“Nightmare Season”
is an exciting after-hours event series that gives you an immersive experience of Woodside Square shopping center.
Featuring curated music, visual arts, pop-up performances, and distinctive food and drink, "Nightmare Season" is a fun, art-driven night for all ages of adults. 

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Media Interview

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