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With the honour and collaboration of DriveInTO on behalf of the City of Toronto, Woodside Square held its first ever drive-in movie festival from Monday, September 14th until Sunday, November 8th, 2020. The parking lot was transformed into an outdoor movie theatre for the community to watch movies on an extra-big screen. We screened many free family films during this period including Ne Zha, A Dog’s Courage, Dino King, and many more.

We also had the privilege to feature the popular and long-awaited movie, Jiang Ziya, from October 1st-8th, 2020. This fate-defying and action-packed movie was well appreciated by our local families as we had an amazing turnout and tickets were sold out many of these nights. From October 9th-11th, 2020 we collaborated with Taiwan Film Festival in Toronto to play two special films every night including We are Champions, Sent from Above, A fool in Love Loves like A Fool, and more. From October 23rd-25th and October 31st, 2020, we partnered with CFEA (Concerts Festivals and Events Alliance), to play Block Z, CoCo, and Spycies for the Multicultural Film Festival. To end off our drive-in festival, we did a double feature during the last two weeks to screen the movies Leap and Coffee or Tea.

Over 17 thousand unique visitors visited our website to learn more about what was happening at Woodside Square and over 26 thousand visitors spent more than 5 minutes on our website per visit. This event gathered a lot of traction and can be seen here:


This drive-in movie experience was a great option for a safe, physically distanced activity with the family under the stars. The Woodside Square Film Festival brought the community together, providing a safe night out and fun entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to seeing you back again soon!

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Event Information:

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