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In collaboration with the City of Toronto’s Councilor, Ms. Cynthia Lai, and the Federation of Asians Canadians Toronto (FACT), Woodside Square held a three-day drive-in Asialicious Carnival. There was a lot of food from a variety of food trucks and the festival showcased many cultural performances.


On Friday, September 11th we had a drive-in movie night featuring the movie “Ne Zha” with a full parking lot of cars all socially distanced. On Saturday, September 12th there was a feature performer and a special surprise tribute to our essential frontline workers. On both Saturday and Sunday, we had some amazing multicultural performances that brought all communities together to celebrate the multicultural mosaic of Canada.


Although a little different this year, we were excited to have the community join us in the comfort of their own car to celebrate this amazing drive-in festival of food and fun!

Asialicious Carnival – Opening Video:

Asialicious Carnival – Recap Video:

Asialicious Carnival – Fireworks Video:

Event Information:

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