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On Saturday June 1, 2019 and Sunday June 2, 2019, Woodside Square Shopping Centre hosted its first annual outdoor Dragon Boat Festival. The event began in the morning and ended well after the sun set, giving guests and mall patrons the opportunity to get the full experience of a night market. The weekend was filled with food vendors selling a variety of multicultural dishes, including egg waffles, lamb skewers, and fried tofu as well as musical entertainment for all ages. During the afternoon on both days, a wrestling show took place, which was a hit with onlookers. Many cheered on their favourite character and were thrilled when they came out victorious.


On Saturday, Woodside Square and its community members were for the first time treated to a ten-minute firework display. The close-up and personal electrifying visuals and sounds made for a very memorable night. Member of Parliament, Shaun Chen, was at the event on both days to engage with community members and distribute free information as well as countless goodies. He repeatedly thanked Woodside Square for planning and executing such inclusive activities. The Toronto Police also made an appearance and were eager to participate in the weekend’s festivities. June 1st and 2nd were two full days of delicious meals, live entertainment, and community networking. There was something engaging and enjoyable for every demographic and guests are already looking forward to what next year’s Dragon Boat Festival will bring.

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Dragon Boat Festival Firework Performance:

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