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In collaboration with the City of Toronto’s Councillor Ms. Cynthia Lai and the Federation of Asians Canadians Toronto (FACT), Woodside Square organized a three-day Toronto Asialicious Carnival. Inspired by the Summerlicious and Winterlicious trend, this was a festival of food and fun that brought together communities from all over to celebrate multicultural mosaic of Canada. With over 4,000 people in attendance throughout the weekend, this successful event will hopefully become an annual event that can act as a unique platform to showcase what Asian culture, cuisine, arts and entertainment have to offer.

The event welcomed participants of all ages and attendees to have the chance to enter into a lucky draw for a round trip plane ticket to Asia. This jam-packed weekend of fun was full of live music and multicultural performances. There were also many food vendors to checkout alongside a variety of games and booths for everyone to try. The finale of this past weekend’s event was surrounded by a beautiful firework display that took place on Saturday with jam-packed crowds looking on.

Asialicious Firework Show:

Event Information:

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