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2022 Canada Day Event

Under the sunshine last weekend, we celebrated Canada's 155th birthday!

We welcomed a long-lost outdoor event with  MP Shawn Chen. A hundred volunteers and staff onsite coordinated the guests who were present on that day in an orderly manner! 

The atmosphere was energetic, and the guests' enthusiasm exceeded our expectations. A total of more than 2,500 barbecues were distributed on the spot, and the ice cream truck and marshmallow machine onsite also lowered the body temperature of the guests in the hot summer. 

We have to mention our performance guests on the event day. First, our senior performance group did fantastic dancing and singing. Their life altitude, which is optimistic, significantly infected every audience. Immediately after, our singing performer Santha opened with a Canadian national anthem, which aroused the respect and gratitude of the whole audience. Next, MP Shawn Chen delivered a speech, affirming and encouraging all citizens who have contributed to the local community over the past three years pandemic. We wish our community and our country, after this battle, is getting better and brighter.

The guests enjoyed the non-stop live performances, magic shows and the barbecue. Children played happily in the inflatable ocean; some got face paintings from well-known artists. Guests could also participate in the lucky draw of face masks, recycle bags and other items at the turntable lottery. 

Everyone had a very fulfilling and satisfying day. Happy Canada Day!

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