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Taiwan Film Festival in Toronto (TFFT)
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This weekend, September 17th to September 19th, Woodside Square’s parking lot was once again full with cars and families, excited to watch the great series of Taiwanese Movies selected for the Taiwan Film Festival in Toronto(TFFT).

This year, which was Woodside’s third year of hosting this amazing Film Festival, the movies played were as follows: "Kaotou Waichuan Wandering in the Waves", “Freaks”, “The Old Man”. Each movie introduces an in-depth understanding of the culture between the Taiwan and Toronto communities through the art of Cinema and Film.

Although, other than the entertainment aspect offered through our collaboration with the TFFT, Our attention towards the importance of Multiculturalism and Community focused art was also met and consoled.

We hope that all participants enjoyed the time and the movies as well and hope to see you all next year again!

Below are some images from the event nights:

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Untitled design (4).png
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