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Canada Day 2021 

The celebration of Canada’s 154th birthday at Woodside Square happened this year on July 3rd, 2021, alongside Shaun Chen, Member of Parliament, who accompanied us in the expression of our love and pride for our beautiful country. Although, this year was a bit different, due to Covid-19 conditions, the event was still welcomed and much praised.

We were able to distribute over 2,000 giveaway bags containing various covid-19 care items, non perishable food, promotional items, and coupons to families across Scarborough. The bags were prepared and distributed in the hopes of helping the community and creating a safer and healthier atmosphere in this community. 


We thank Shaun Chen for joining us for this amazing celebration and his support during the event. Also, we hope that attendees enjoyed their time and will be meeting us again next year!

Please see below for some images of the event:

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