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2022 Asialicious

The Asialicious Carnival, in partnership with FACT, is celebrating its third anniversary this year. This year's Asialicious Carnival was held on September 9th, 10th and 11th at Woodside Square South Parking Lot.
The three-day weekend Asialicious Carnival started in 2019 and has become an annual attraction celebrating multiculturalism in a fun-filled and entertaining fashion at Woodside Square Center. 

We showcase diverse Asian culture and heritage through various performances and Ethnic foods. The event builds stronger solidarity and a sense of belonging in our community.
This year, with the opening of the Asialicious, we also announced the official launch of the Dino Kingdom at Woodside Square. All the guests at the scene heard the first sound of our dinosaurs! if you would like to get more information about the dino-kingdom, please stay with us, and we will post more information on the website. 
The live singing and dancing were playing non-stop on stage, and the whole three days of laughter from the audience revolved around the atmosphere of Woodside shopping mall. We also need to mention the 16-minute uninterrupted gorgeous fireworks on the evening of Saturday, September 10th, which ignited the climax of this event and made all the guests deeply touched by the scene.
We look forward to working with FACT again next year, and next summer is not far away!

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