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February 2019 was filled with the cultural celebrations of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig at Woodside Square Shopping Centre. A lion dance with all indoor tenants took place on the 5th of the month and kicked off the annual festivities. The brightly coloured and sequined dragon attracted mall patrons both young and old to experience the drum beating and synchronized dancing. The entire event resembled a parade as the performance carried throughout the mall to different stores and tenants. The spectacular costume performance symbolizes wisdom and prosperity for the Chinese people.

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The Chinese New Year showcase on the 9th and 10th of February was hosted by DJ Daniel Ho and Marina Tang. The collaboration with Fairchild Radio presented a range of culturally based activities for audience members including The Price is Right Game and many others.


The Chinese New Year showcase ended with a unique presentation of Chinese Face Mask Changing. The crowd was thoroughly impressed and couldn’t get enough of the performance. Many onlookers watched with awe and great admiration. Over 300 red lucky money envelopes were distributed to passersby during the event. The envelopes were filled with coupons for participating stores and tenants.


This Chinese New Year was a little bit different than other years since a Market Fair was introduced. In addition to the sounds of multicultural music, dancing, and instruments there were plenty of indoor booths filled with delicious foods, interactive activities, community initiatives, and sweet desserts. The Toronto Police even made an appearance to engage with community members and mall patrons. They were eager to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the people of Woodside Square Shopping Centre.

2019 Chinese New Year Celebrations:

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